Adelaide Engler

Adelaide Engler is a passionate Brazilian Chef with broad international background and deep knowledge of Brazilian Culinary. She is also a Food Journalist, a Food Writer, and a host for culinary TV shows.

She has hosted the Discovery Channel series “Brazil Sensational” as a consultant chef for Embratur – the official Brazilian tourism promotion agency. Fluent in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, she also has created the iOS App Food translator.

She currently lives in Fort Lauderdale-FL, working as Corporate Chef for Chima’s Steakhouse, a Brazilian restaurant network with units in Fort Lauderdale, Philadelphia-PA, Washington-DC, Charlotte-NC, and soon Orlando-FL.

She created this website and the Youtube channel Brazilian Cooking Class to help to promote Brazilian culinary to audiences in other countries.

Adelaide has lived in many countries in Europe and US, studied and worked at top food schools and starred restaurants such as:

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